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that allows for cost savings and speeds up the release of sterile
preparations without sacrificing reliability.

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About Pharmetric Laboratory

Pharmetric Laboratory, in St. Petersburg, Florida, performs Sterility Assurance, Endotoxin and Method Suitability testing for clients nationwide on a daily basis. We typically use ATP bioluminescence which allows us to provide objective answers to these clients in up to 4-6 days from the time we receive their samples in house. We also perform Compendial Testing(14-days) for those clients that are bound by regulation to specifically use Compendial Methods.

Our ATP bioluminescence method has been Validated at our lab in-house. Due to the technology we employ we are able to provide these answers on a variety of medications including items that are sometimes hard to test. Examples include: certain Aqueous samples, almost all Oils, and Gels. Other methods and equipment are not able to offer speed and accuracy due to the opaqueness of the sample. We are in the process of configuring a method to work with Sterile Pellets as well.

The results of the testing are sent as a Certificate of Analysis to the email provided to us when the client profile is created. The benefit to the client with regard to ATP bioluminescence is an ability to release their compounded materials from quarantine much more quickly than the 14-days required by the Compendial Method, enhancing patient safety and satisfaction while improving revenue streams and inventory turns. Again, clients that are bound by regulation to use only the compendial method have not been left out, Compendial Services are also offered.

“Pharmetric Lab allowed me to maintain my Sterile medication business because I am now able to deliver to my patients much more quickly due to Pharmetric’s extremely quick turnaround time.”

Anne G. – Owner

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  • Significant Cost Savings
  • Increased Inventory Turns
  • Less Waste
  • Enhanced Revenue Streams
  • ATP Bioluminescence Testing
  • Compendial (USP ) Testing
  • Endotoxin (USP ) Testing

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Pharmetric Laboratory uses ATP Bioluminescence for rapid detection of microbiological contaminants in compounded sterile preparations

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Meet the requirements of USP while harnessing cutting-edge technology which allows for cost savings and speeds up the release of sterile preparations without sacrificing safety or reliability.

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